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Snack for Fellows Class

1) Ellie
2) Whitney

Check-in (6PM at Writers House)
1) Jane
2) Lauren

Set Up (5:30 PM)
1) Mingo
2) Jessica

Book sales (Monday night 5:45 and Tuesday morning 9:45)
1) Jen
2) Alex

Assist in Kitchen (5:00-end of reading)
1) Cat
2) Simone

Assist in Kitchen (end of reading – 10:30ish)
1) Blair
2) Danny
3) Yumeko

Set up Tuesday Morning (9:15 AM)
1) Steve
2) Michael Tom

Clean up Tuesday Morning (11:45-12:15)
1) Sam
2) Matt

Wireless Microphone
1) Ellie

1) Mara

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